Space Scotland

A co-ordinating gateway to enable and promote the Scottish space sector as part of the wider UK proposition, focusing on tangible outcomes and a collaborative, inclusive approach.

Payload Manufacture


Data Intelligence

Scottish Space Strategy

Vision: Scotland, the best place on earth to build a space business.

Environmental Task Force

An initiative led by the SSLC with environmental groups and government partners to better understand the impact of the space industry on the environment, while exploring ways to contribute to wider Net Zero aims.

Collaborative Projects – Tangible Outcomes

UK Spaceport Alliance

The UK Spaceport Alliance concordant was signed in 2020 and brought together developing launch sites to share best practice and work together to ensure the UK’s position as the home of European launch.

New Voices

The New Voices Group are responsible for a variety of projects that aim to promote the importance of inclusivity and diversity throughout the UK sector and beyond. 

Propelled by Core Values

As minister responsible for the space sector, I attend the SSLC’s council meetings and look forward to continuing our close collaboration in order to further develop the sector and promote opportunities for our businesses. I welcome the UK Space Agency’s recognition of the importance of a unified industry voice from Scotland and for my part, I will champion the views of our sector at all levels of government”

Ivan McKee, Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation at the Scottish Government