The Council acts as a co-ordinating gateway to enable and promote the Scottish space sector as part of the wider UK proposition, focusing on tangible outcomes. It is a collegiate forum that brings together key sector stakeholders across industry, academia and government on a regular basis via quarterly meetings, as well as working group meetings and ad hoc work streams.

The SSLC is an inclusive and diverse community that is open to any organisation with a role to play in the development of the Scottish space sector, providing a central hub to coordinate activity across the regional “meta-cluster” and sectoral value chain.

From assisting stakeholders across industry and academia to achieve common goals and promote the unique ‘Scotland Offer’, to collaborating with national and international partners, the Council is a lightning rod for the nation’s space interests. It provides an inclusive platform focused on the delivery of tangible outcomes that promote the development of the sector whilst driving innovation, sustainability and educational outreach, with the aim of achieving co-operative economic growth.

The Council is made up of a wide variety of organisations across the UK with a connection to Scotland’s growing space sector, from payload manufacturers, launch providers and spaceports through to downstream data services, with a host of supply chain companies that support the ecosystem. Our industry-led approach is further reinforced by space focused UK trade organisations.

The Council also includes representation from across Scotland’s world-class academic institutions, a key advantage within our traditional and newspace landscape. This ensures that our initiatives benefit from valuable insight and meaningful contributions from both universities, colleges and research bodies.

Finally, the group has active representation from local and national Government, including the UK Space Agency, Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and Scottish Development International.

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