New Voices

The core values of inclusivity and diversity are at the heart of the SSLC’s activity. We strongly believe that a key ingredient to the success of the UK space sector will be to ensure that the ‘newspace’ approach is backed up by a clear remit to ensure that nobody feels excluded – or is turned away – from any UK space sector organisation based on irrelevant or discriminator factors. 

SSLC members are fully expected to follow and promote an open approach to recruitment, committing to disregard factors such as race, gender, social background, nationality, sexual preference and age when recruiting or building partnerships.

The New Voices Group are responsible for a variety of projects that aim to promote the importance of inclusivity and diversity throughout the UK sector and beyond. They embody the core values and aim to demonstrate through educational outreach and STEM activities that space is open for all.

We have recently released our Space Sector EDI Guidance Pack, follow this link to read and share!


The New Voices in Space has tied up with ROOM to foster diverse articles in the space sector.

We are working with UKSEDS and Primary Space to ensure accessible space role models and space education for primary school students.

Past and Upcoming Conferences:

The New Voices team believes in visibilizing diverse role models and share experiences, tips and actionable points to ensure diversity and inclusion, as well as access to opportunities. The New Voices team uses Story-telling to discuss experiences and promote inclusion in conferences and workshops. Here are the conferences past and upcoming:

  1. Space Bar – Diversity and Inclusion in the Space Sector
  2. Women in Space Conference – Get Involved Networking
  3. Women in Space Conference – QKD using CubeSats
  4. Upcoming: Mach21: CanSat – Careers in Space Conference – July 16th.
  5. Upcoming: Mach21: CanSat – Careers in Space Conference – Journeying into the Space Sector.

Reach Out to Us

We are always on the lookout for passionate and beautiful collaborations – if you want to speak with us, volunteer with us, collaborate with us, or become a New Voices Mentor with a view towards making a difference – we can be reached at