The New Voices in Space Team

SSLC Working Group

Chair, New Voices in Space

Dr. Sonali Mohapatra is the Space Applications and Business Development lEAD at Craft Prospect and a researcher at the University of Strathclyde with an IAA fellowship bringing quantum expertise into the space sector. With diverse experiences in academia, industry, and the EDI sector, Sonali brings a wealth of knowledge as a founding member of the SSLC New Voices group. She is the founder of the queer/feminist platform, Carved Voices, and the author of the poetry collection, Leaking Ink. She was recently awarded the RISE Entrepreneurship Award for having co-founded the Migrant Travel Support Network in India during the Covid crisis of 2020.

Mansi is a recent aerospace engineering graduate, currently working in the computational software sector, and is one of the founding members of the SSLC New Voices in Space group. Throughout her academic and professional journey, she has actively strived towards getting young people, especially females, involved in STEM. Her experience ranges from organising and delivering interactive science workshops, to primary and secondary school outreach as well as being invited to speak at several leading space industry events. She is a strong advocate for women in STEM and drives towards equal representation within the industry. 

Christina MacLeod is a final year mechanical engineering student at the University of Edinburgh and a member of the New Voices Group. Her interest in space exploration has led to her involvement in a range of activities. She is the founder and chair of the Edinburgh Women in Space group, an At-Large Executive member of UKSEDS, the Sponsorship Manager of Endeavour, the University of Edinburgh’s rocketry team, and the founder of Miss Astronautica. Christina has a keen interest in engineering, education, writing, and presenting, and can be found contributing to articles related to space exploration, speaking at outreach events, and interviewing individuals for Miss Astronautica.

Zaina Rahman is a PhD student in Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Glasgow, where she is building an optical communication system for the future of 6G internet. She has studied Mathematics and Physics and has a master’s degree in Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace. She is a STEM mentor to young students and is involved with the Scottish Ethnic Minority Sports Association (SEMSA) to promote diversity in sports. Zaina participates in many leadership roles and has been awarded the Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award, where she created a team building workshop for primary school students to ease their transition into secondary school. Zaina is a public speaker and has delivered a talk about her PhD with the Edinburgh Women in Space Conference

Emma Holling is a student passionate about helping people follow their dreams, something her team ‘New Voices In Space’ aims to do with school outreach and by providing online resources. When she’s not working to reach her goal of working in spaceflight, she works on her robot ‘Grant’ and plays horseball (think basketball on horseback)!

Kelly Myers is a visionary leader who’s passionate about creating a better future for all living beings, speaking up against inequality & social injustice, helping to shape a brighter future for all, one that embraces individuality, unity, love & peace. A proud and dedicated Citizen Scientist for Nasa, where I review, verify and catalogue new/ potential Exoplanets using TESS data. I also help fund research for the department of astronomy at Columbia University where an incredible team study extrasolar planetary systems with a particular focus on the detection and analysis of worlds found at longer orbital periods. Their mission is to understand the origin and nature of cool worlds through the develop novel methodologies and modern data science techniques. An active space & astronomy blogger and the proud founder of The Daily Martian