Working Groups

As part of the SSLC’s commitment to generating tangible outcomes that deliver value and progress the UK’s position as the leading European newspace nation, a number of Working Groups have been established to enable proactive collaboration that meets the needs of the sector at any given time.

Each working group is open to any members of the Council and regularly includes non-members and wider UK space sector representation in order to ensure that the outcomes produced achieve what is required by the working group, regardless of who sits on the group or their level of involvement with the SSLC. 

SSLC Working Groups have no set time period, with some space groups being set up to work to focus on short-term needs, for example the Spaceflight Consultation Group that brought together representatives across the launch sector to deliver coherent, succinct and collaborative industry feedback to the UK regulators before a deadline set by Her Majesty’s Government. Other Working Groups are ongoing, provided they have a meaningful and tangible deliverable to work towards.

Current working groups include:

  • Environmental Task Force / Chair: Kristina Tamane, Daniel Smith
  • New Voices / Chair: Sonali Mohapatra
  • Scottish and UK Strategies: Next Steps / Chair: Sean McGovern